Whole lotta shakin' goin' on

Thanks to Anne for the above photo, which is alternately flattering and horrifying - are those MY eyes floating above the ten-pound saddlebags? Good lord.

Like I've been updating all that much anyway, but I thought I'd, you know, give notice... This summer is an incredible roller coaster for me, and I'm just barely tall enough to ride - with eleven weddings (nine of which include those extra-schmancy books I was oh so excited about, and now fear on par with small spaces and Nicole Ritchie) coming up, I just don't get the blogging done I wish I did. I'll be here sporadically, and I'm still checking in on you guys, so don't think you can go talking bad about me - I am SO going to find out if you do, you bunch of hooligans.

Peace and love, as my mom says, and I'll be back in a little while.

It's two weeks later, do you know where I've been?

A thousand miles and back again, baby! Norah and I went to Indiana for a week+two with my parents, which was about the best idea ever... I got sleep, I got to say, "Hey, someone else! Play with this kid for a minute, huh?" And best of all, I got to hear Norah say to my father, "Gampa, you so cwazy Gampa, you got some fabulous." If you think that didn't make me snort out some Diet Coke, you would be sadly mistaken.

This is a picture of Nonos at Irwin Gardens, a privately owned establishment in Columbus, where my parents live now. You can't really tell, but she was so into this fountain that she's got her nose smashed against the wrought iron. She backed off and had a red indentation from top to tip, which yet again brought out the DC from my nasal cavities.

Also at the gardens, they had this elephant, which was apparently imported from some World's Fair or another - Nonos did not particularly appreciate it for its historic value, and got this close and NO closer, NO MAMA THAT EFFALENT IS RIGHT THERE NO I STAY UP HERE IT NOT UP HERE:

Later in the week, my high school buddy and his kidlet came up for a playdate, which was fun - he wasn't as into the playground as Norah, but he was awfully cute eating the grass. We might have let him do it, just to see if he'd quit after tasting it (he did, stop calling CPS).

We went to my grandparents' house in Kentucky, where as kids we used to play wedding and make my sister marry my cousin Ben. (There's some Kentucky stereotyping for you.) In an interesting twist, Kate is now dating a guy named Ben to whom we are not related, and Cousin Ben has moved to Florida, where he is now the deputy sheriff of Naples, and probably enforces laws against cousins marrying. In which case, Naples, have I got a story for you.

These are the fourth generation cousins, my other cousins' girls and mine. I don't think we'd know what to do with a boy child if we had one, which is probably why Ben got talked into wearing a dress a lot as a kid.

By the end of the night, I was pretty attached to the next-littlest cousin, Rachel (Norah is the freshest of the five). She did a lot of standing on my belly and jumping, which I would have had to kill her for if she had weighed more than eight pounds, and didn't look like this. How can you be mad at this?

More to come later...