Puttin' on her big girl panties and dealin' with it.

Oh God.
Oh God.,
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Yeah, so this is what Norah has started doing - putting things around her neck and wearing them around the house. It didn't bother me as much when it was my purse, or Rob's binocular case, or even the dog leash, although that was a little weird. This time, though, it just happened to be my black skivvies and an old and decidedly unsexy bra. There you go, internet, a good look at my undie collection.

So guess what? I had my first photo shoot today! If it's all right with my little buddy's parents, I'll post a couple of the good shots - we were at Duke Gardens, and the day was lovely, and things just turned out awesome. I think this whole photographer scam might just work, y'all. I'm still in practice mode, though, so no paychecks yet. But hey, if you're in the area (Lisa) and you have a baby, or one forthcoming (LISA) and you want a whole mess of pictures in exchange for the right to use them in my portfolio (LISA YOU KNOW YOU DO) give me a shout.

Rob's back in a call month, so I'm home alone with King Kong on DVD and an entire box of Turtle Fudge Brownie, which claims to be light, but is clearly made of nothing but fat and chocolate flavor. The possibilities here are just ENDLESS.

Happy Saturday night, kids - it's been one bad-ass mother of a day down here.

Ooo, PS - BIG congratulations to Dr. MyOldRoommate, who successfully defended her "seductive" dissertation. (Good thing the committee didn't get my email about how we spent her 21st birthday until today, ain't it?) Good for you, babe!

Blogging Jericho


I am only typing this right now because we're on a commercial break for Arm & Hammer cat litter, which a) I don't need and b) does not entertain me like the Jello pudding commercial that was on right before it. (Come on, you know you dance a little in your seat at that wiggle-when-you-jiggle song.) But seriously, you guys, is anyone else watching this? And are you as sucked in as I am?

What kind of freaky mushroom cloud was that?

Where are the prisoners who escaped from the prison bus?

How did that guy manage to do a tracheotomy on that little girl with a buck knife and a bundle of juice box straws without her waking up and freaking out? You can't tell me that didn't hurt like a mofo.

I think I feel an addiction a la Lost coming on.


Down by the riverside
Down by the riverside,
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Because when she looks like this, who needs Photoshop? Good Sunday hike. Hope you guys had as nice a day as we did.

The ubiquitous baby bath picture

Norah's started looking more like a little girl, and less like a baby, and my heart is both overflowing and being broken like a guitar at a Motley Crue concert. (Not an accidental comparison - MC and Aerosmith are actually touring together and will be in Raleigh shortly. I'd go, but my leather pants, they have no room for that leftover baby belly.)

Finally, FINALLY, it's stopped raining, and I'll be able to get out and play with this camera. Norah and Jack are asleep, so I've been reading and learning about Av and Tv and all the other settings on this thing. Before long, I should be able to set it to take incredible, magazine-worthy photos and make me a latte on the side.

Big congratulatory hug to my friend Darren and his wife, Jennie, who have just had their first baby. Spenser Dylan met the world yesterday afternoon. Get ready, buddy - it's going to be a long and lovely ride.

There is no more news, I'm afraid. Just another long, lazy week in the life of. If anything nuts happens over the weekend, I'll let you know.

Confidential to that girl who lives in Catonsville: take the hiatus you need, but know that we'll miss you. You're a funny little bright spot out there in the blog world, and I think you're swell.

Wedding picture

Wedding picture
Wedding picture,
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I bought myself that thing I wanted, you know, that thing that cost more than the birth of my child, the dog, and everything I ever purchased for myself ever all put together.

Say hello to my new love, Mr. Canon Eos 30D. We kiss. Often.

I never really bought anything big for myself before. (This is the part where you gag and mutter something about spoiled brats and Daddy's girls, which isn't entirely true... but isn't entirely wrong, either. I was a very, very lucky kid, end of story.) Seriously, though, this is really enormous for me - it's my first Me Thing in quite a while, and it's the first step to learning to take really, really good pictures... which is the first step to a really, really fun job, one that I got to choose for myself instead of walking into because I was desperate. Now all I need to do is practice, and get a portfolio, and about $5000 more equipment, and talk people into hiring me, and pretend I know what I'm doing, and file taxes as an independent contractor, and charge a lot, and learn where to make prints, and...

Well. Ahem. Better get started.

I'm so excited, you guys.

Cue the witch on the bike

Salutations, friends... We're back from Hilton Head, a last-minute trip to see my grandmother, who fed Norah at least eleven filets of salmon and a piece of cheese with more hair than Astrid. She means well, though, so we look the other way and grit our teeth. I drew the line at the gin and tonic, though, so don't fret. Baby was only allowed to have one.

And it rained! Did it ever rain. Whatever hurricane residue there was floating around down here decided to wait until we were halfway back to let loose, and we ended up parked under a BP gas station canopy in Dillon, SC, for half an hour. I was sure there would be a tornado - the sky was that pea-yellow color, and the rain just fell and fell and fell until all of a sudden it quit, and we all crawled out from under our shelters squinting and looking for cows twirling in the air. It was nuts, and it took us forever to get home, but it's cool... we made it, and 90210 is on the Soap Network, and I am feeling MUCH better now.

Back with the kiddlies tomorrow, back into the grind... How was your Labor Day, laborers? Who barbecued?