Wow, busy week! I only had to nanny two days, but it seemed like every day was crammed with something or other or nothing that took up all the daylight hours. And at night, oh yes, photobooks! Who's jealous?!

Here's Nonos at Fearrington Village, which we visited on Friday to check out for photo shootability... It's not bad, but it's not great - the drought hasn't been good to the grass, and the formerly green, rolling fields are now brown, crispy fields. At least the cows were out, which we loved. We even stopped for a pack of Oreos on the way home in their honor.

Right, back to work. I'm slacking, can you tell?



Supreme injustice

I just missed Britney at the VMAs. Secretly I've been counting the minutes until this girl did her thang - I mean, while I'd love to see her succeed and have a rainbows and flowers comeback, and magically become a good mother because her VMA success made her feel that much better about absolutely EVERYTHING, part of me wanted to see if she was going to screw it up, or maybe just half-ass the whole thing. Why would she care if America loved her? We've already seen her dirty bits (literally and figuratively), and most of us were unimpressed. You can't even get the pervs to like your dirty bits, you might as well give it up.

Sarah Silverman, who I just don't get, is doing a rather nasty little schtick about Britney right now... I believe she just referred to her children as "cute as the hairless vagina they came out of." I know, I know, let's be all Shock America! But I just don't think that's funny.

ETA: The first 35 seconds are on YouTube, and you know, I think she really might have half-assed it. It could just be the low-res video, but it also could be the low self esteem. Oh, good luck, girl.

OMG 4 rl?

I did my first teenage model headshots today (there ya go, Googlers looking for some barely-legal) and oh my, it was fun. I met 14-year-old Kevin and his mom at the Factory Skate Park in Wake Forest, and weaseled our way inside to shoot on the ramps. Feeling rather badass and punky in my shirt from the juniors section (all right, all right, the chubby juniors section), I got the kid to experiment, play, and basically act like a kid while maintaining control of his voice/body/temper - something that's tough with babies and toddlers, duh.

I LOVED this, y'all. More from today:

Does anyone know how I can get cozy with a modeling agency, so they'll pimp their kids out to me and I can keep doing this for bigger dollars, and I can quit nannying and make a fortune a la my absolute superheroine, Annie Leibowitz, except without shacking up with Susan Sontag and you know, going that whole maybe-lesbian route?


I have an ear infection. A big one. It feels like my eardrum is about to pop with the sheer ridiculousness of it - I mean, come on... what adult gets ear infections? What am I, six?

I'm starting my first Rob-prescribed round of drugs today*, and right now all I want to do is stick a knitting needle up in there, just to let the pressure out. No wonder little kids are horrible when this happens.

*Rob used to refuse to prescribe anything for anyone related to him who also has his last name, because the medical board of NC is obviously on the hunt for doctors who write legitimate prescriptions for dangerous, addictive things like antibiotics. This concept came back and bit him in the ass when he got a monster cold sore and needed Valtrex, most commonly used to treat the herp Down Below, but also a smashing cold sore remedy. He ended up writing the prescription for my mother, who just laughed with the pharmacist and said, "Wait till my husband finds out." And then she came home and threw it at him.

Ugh. Time to sit around and whine for a while.

How embarrassing

... that's how I used to work it, too.

So no more weddings until October... yaay for breaks, boo for less money. (At least I have those sweet books to keep me busy, huh? Huh? God, I'm sick of looking at those things.) I get to attend one and not be part of the hired help - my Jackass cousin is gettin' hitched in Georgia at the end of the month, and I'm all starry-eyed excited about that one. Imagine the after-party.

But for now, I'm finishing up my post-processing and going to bed. We had to basically hogtie Norah to get her to eat a single bite of dinner, which did not end well, so I'm exhausted. Anyone who can make vegetables taste like ice cream is asked to call me QUICK BEFORE SOMEONE DIES.