Late night giddyfest

First of all, one big fat HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my best pal, who joined me in the League of 26 this weekend (although she managed to do it sans bebe). Eat cake and pretend I'm there, babe.

Congratulations to my favorite graphic designer, Miss Zoot, whose baby girl arrived yesterday. And is she pretty! Such skin, the lucky little devil.

And finally, were it not for the fact that I'm somewhat committed to photo holiday cards, I would so get the ones I saw today at Metropolitan Deluxe, a grand store in the mall. Joseph and Mary were busy loving on their little miracle, and there were the three kings, there were the shepherds, and from somewhere in the crowd a voice bubble rose up:

Jesus Jesus Bo Beezus, banana fana fo Feezus..."

I totally snorted right there in the store, next to a middle-aged fat woman who was buying the Bad Girl's Guide to the Party Life. I don't know which of us was more ridiculous.


  1. and gee, i thought you left your favorite designer behind in baltimore. hope all is well with your adorable daughter and life in Carolina