Heads up, Baltimore...

... I'm coming to see you on Monday.

The lovely and talented Adrienne called me tonight, and in the course of our conversation I agreed to come up next week, ostensibly to see her and to bring the baby to see her, but let's not lie to ourselves. There is one reason and one reason alone why I'm coming up there, and you can say it with me now: Don Pablo's margaritas. All this behaving-in-public, sitting-nicely-in-one's-highchair stuff I've been teaching the baby? JUST SO I CAN GET LIT WITH MY OLD PAL.

Those of you who are in Baltimore, if you have time to hang out, please do email me or call me or something. I'll have some serious free time on Tuesday, as my hostess with the mostes' will have to go to work, in order to support me in the manner to which I shall become accustomed. And that means tequila in the morning and tequila at night. Talk about a healing experience.

The thing last weekend was as good as could be expected, but I don't especially want to talk about it right now. I miss her, every single second. That's all there is to it, really.


  1. Baltimorons, depending on space, you are welcome to sleep over at my casa Tuesday night. As long as Annie doesn't mind sharing the queen-size air mattress that will be in the sewing room/library/office. We'll let Norah drive back to my place after margaritas!

  2. Any chance you're staying through til Thursday? I would totally stalk you on Thursday.

    In a friendly, non-stalkery way. (You'd recognize me by the Owen hanging around my neck.)