Yes, template ADHD strikes again... and the big question is, what am I doing fiddling around with the blog when there are 84,000 holiday-related jobs to be done? This template is supposed to do some bad-ass Javascript thing when you click on images, but I can't figure it out. Note to self: hire full-time webmaster to make my whims into reality.

Somehow I've destroyed my link list, so if you would be so kind as to comment with your blog name and address, I would really appreciate it. I must keep you all - I want to keep you in my magical circle of blog-love. Thanks, y'all... for now, must go wrap Rob's mega-secret present. Norah picked it out, of course, because she has impeccable taste. Just look at her fabulous hairstyle.


  1. I'm struggling with my template too, if it makes you feel any better.

    On being a scientist and a woman

  2. I have not changed my template in FOREVER and I spent 10 years as a professional web developer! But who cares...I'm having a baby TOMORROW!!!

  3. Yo. And can I please have a baby tomorrow?? Please? Or today? How about today? That would be fine too.

  4. Don't forget me!