Another sally in the potty wars

Norah: Mama, I need to change you.
Me: You mean, I need to change you.
Norah: [whatever-ing me with her eyes] I said that thing.
Me: Right. Okay. [changing commences.] You know, if you'd just use the potty, this wouldn't be such a problem.
Norah: I don't do that. I do not like that potty. It's big and I do not like it and I will go in it like falling in it.
Me: It's really not that--
Norah: Know what else I don't do?
Me: Dishes?
Me: [blink blink] Well, that's a relief.


  1. Not like I'm stalking you or anything...I just get these things in my reader. We started potty training with Sebastian this week and it has been nothing but drama. He seems truly terrified that ANYTHING is coming out of his body. You would think peeing on the potty was complete and utter torture. He spends an hour racing around the house yelling "mama, I tee tee" and then when the time comes that he REALLY has to go he screams and cries about it. Not fun. I think I'd rather he still be in diapers by first grade. The upside, little boy underpants with elmo on the behind are adorable!