Oh, THAT wall. Yeah, I hit it.

So I promised Adrienne I would write something tonight, and Patty's been all up my nose about it (which is acceptable, since she lost about half my body weight and she looks all cute now), and I'm sure you guys were just DYING to know what was up over here that kept me from updating you on the scintillating details of our lives...
Um, yeah, sorry about this, but I've been fiddling with the stupid template for eleventy hours, and this is all you get:

Because a twirly dress is really all you need, and thanks to Adrienne, we got one! Bon soir, mes amis, a demain (as Norah says at school).

Okay, here, have a few more:


  1. i wish i had a twirly dress... i would probably fall down i'd be spinning so much.

    thanks for the update! you're one of my sources of cute kids, without me actually having to interact with children. it's a situation that benefits everyone, trust me.

  2. Cute template, cute dress, and cute girls. It is all too much!