The holy sh*t post

Here is a list of the things my genius child has learned to do in the last seven days, proving that she is the smartest baby alive. (Adrienne: I'm not braggin', I'm just sayin'.) Seriously, though, I'm only listing these things so that I can remember what this was like, this week where everything I thought was true about Norah was completely flipped upside-down.

1. Spit with some sense of direction and intent - like at my eyes when I feed her avocado. She's all, take this, woman, I'll give you squishy and green right where it burns.

2. Say "Mo mo mo mo mo" while eating (but definitely not about avocado). I am assuming this means "more" and not "seriously, you're poisoning me here."

3. CRAWL. FAST. On her tippytoes - so is this crawling, or some weird kind of mobile baby yoga? It's like Downward Dog Iditarod.

4. Pat. She can now look me square in the eyes, smile, and pat my cheek like it's a baby kitten. Then she sticks her sharp little fingernail into my nostril lining, and I have to beat her for a while.

5. Pack... because we're going to see my parents tomorrow! We're flying, just us two, so hold your breath and cross your fingers that we aren't killed by the person seated next to us, who will most certainly hear the song from Norah's "Counting House" book one too many times, be driven insane, and smother us both with cheapo airline pillows. You just never know about some people's Counting House tolerance.*

* You know, now that I think about it, maybe we'll sort of accidentally lose Counting House in a horrible long-term parking lot shuttle incident...

So bye! Have a good week! Miss me!


  1. Aww, I liked listening to Counting House in the car. Though I admit that if I had to listen to it on a plane, I might get arrested mid-flight for aggravated assault. To those readers who haven't been blessed with playing with the genius angel lately, she is super-awesome and loves being turned upside-down. I love that child. And Annie was super crafty and made her own Norah sling this weekend.