Saving this for her senior slideshow

For real! A post! Woo!

Hello, blogsters, how you is these days? It's hot as you-know-what down here, and while we de-sweat from the dog park I thought, hey, I'll blog something.

Sadly, that something is nothing exciting, just more daily doin's. Today we discovered three things:

1. Norah is finally, finally, FINALLY THANK YOU GOD getting her top teeth. I am so sick of people commenting on the bottom two and then going straight for my underachieving mother jugular with "Isn't she getting any more? And is she walking? And writing your thesis, because clearly YOUR lazy ass will never get it done!"

What makes me get so defensive about that kind of thing? Like getting teeth (or in Norah's case, not getting them) is some kind of skill, a learned behavior that she's picked up that indicates her geniushood? Yes, she's getting teeth, and later I will get her to demonstrate her impressive speed in healing her black eyes!

Item 2: Norah has learned to express questions without using actual English words. She'll scoot over to her beloved dinosaur, hunt for a ball to feed it, be unable to find one, turn to me, and say "Daaaahr?" in this chirpy little bird voice. Or she'll stretch up and grab her highchair, beat on the tray with whatever dropped utensil is closest, and hit me with a cute little "Moooh-tah?" Or she'll bite my cheek and say "Paaaapapapa?" which obviously means "Rabies? Did I give you my rabies? Ha! Success!"

And three: she likes to swim! Here, internet - a photo of my daughter's naked ass. Hide this for me, in case she finds all my copies and burns them.

Saving this for her senior slideshow


  1. Hooray for the dinosaur! I'm so glad she likes it. Be thankful that at least the child has hair, instead of many many teeth. That way you can tell she's a girl, unlike the bald child I used to be.

  2. So.freaking.Adorable.

  3. She is too cute for words!!!!