The ubiquitous baby bath picture

Norah's started looking more like a little girl, and less like a baby, and my heart is both overflowing and being broken like a guitar at a Motley Crue concert. (Not an accidental comparison - MC and Aerosmith are actually touring together and will be in Raleigh shortly. I'd go, but my leather pants, they have no room for that leftover baby belly.)

Finally, FINALLY, it's stopped raining, and I'll be able to get out and play with this camera. Norah and Jack are asleep, so I've been reading and learning about Av and Tv and all the other settings on this thing. Before long, I should be able to set it to take incredible, magazine-worthy photos and make me a latte on the side.

Big congratulatory hug to my friend Darren and his wife, Jennie, who have just had their first baby. Spenser Dylan met the world yesterday afternoon. Get ready, buddy - it's going to be a long and lovely ride.

There is no more news, I'm afraid. Just another long, lazy week in the life of. If anything nuts happens over the weekend, I'll let you know.

Confidential to that girl who lives in Catonsville: take the hiatus you need, but know that we'll miss you. You're a funny little bright spot out there in the blog world, and I think you're swell.