Puttin' on her big girl panties and dealin' with it.

Oh God.
Oh God.,
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Yeah, so this is what Norah has started doing - putting things around her neck and wearing them around the house. It didn't bother me as much when it was my purse, or Rob's binocular case, or even the dog leash, although that was a little weird. This time, though, it just happened to be my black skivvies and an old and decidedly unsexy bra. There you go, internet, a good look at my undie collection.

So guess what? I had my first photo shoot today! If it's all right with my little buddy's parents, I'll post a couple of the good shots - we were at Duke Gardens, and the day was lovely, and things just turned out awesome. I think this whole photographer scam might just work, y'all. I'm still in practice mode, though, so no paychecks yet. But hey, if you're in the area (Lisa) and you have a baby, or one forthcoming (LISA) and you want a whole mess of pictures in exchange for the right to use them in my portfolio (LISA YOU KNOW YOU DO) give me a shout.

Rob's back in a call month, so I'm home alone with King Kong on DVD and an entire box of Turtle Fudge Brownie, which claims to be light, but is clearly made of nothing but fat and chocolate flavor. The possibilities here are just ENDLESS.

Happy Saturday night, kids - it's been one bad-ass mother of a day down here.

Ooo, PS - BIG congratulations to Dr. MyOldRoommate, who successfully defended her "seductive" dissertation. (Good thing the committee didn't get my email about how we spent her 21st birthday until today, ain't it?) Good for you, babe!


  1. Hey! I live in your area, and I have a baby on the way... and OMG! My name is ALSO LISA. I think that would be totally awesome, and I'm in!

  2. Thanks. And good thing I was on a different continent for my 21st birthday. Still can't get over how big Norah is - keep the pictures coming.

  3. Really I could say something about seeing underwear and dreams...but just won't go there. Nope, not me. She's just too cute for words. And yes Annie, they do grow fast.