Arama, palooza, hallelujah!

Holy crap, y'all, I booked a dozen weddings last week. A dozen means twelve. TWELVE! The only thing that comes in dozens that has thus far made me feel quite this ecstatic is covered in a sugary glaze... but this! This does not pay me in calories, it pays me in GOOD OLD AMERICAN DOLLARS!

Oh, maaan. Lately everything I say ends in exclamation points, and the birds sing in a carefully orchestrated Disney movie chorus, and I am so damned delighted with my current situation. Maybe I'm not the best photographer out there, and maybe I'm not making as much as some of them, but this first year is going to be my best ever, even if I make three times this much next year, or 10 or 300 times this much - because I am doing what I want to do, and IT IS WORKING OUT. (Okay, that's sort of a lie - if I make 300 times more money, I'll be rather excited then, too.)

Happy dance!


  1. Holy Crap! Did you go to a bridal show? That is amazing. Congrats!