Happy from my head to my black, frostbitten toes

GOOD GOD IT WAS COLD TODAY. I know this because I was outside for all but about three daylight hours, and I have yet to recover feeling in my extremities. The soccer tournament was incredibly long, and I did nothing but run from field to field, since the other shooter didn't show up, and I have decided that Norah will never EVER EVER EVER play organized sports. Not because I don't think she could (although the fact that she's my kid does not bode well for her coordination) but because I don't want to get in the pissing contests all the mothers were getting into at the fields. MY kid made the state whatever, but MY kid scored 180 goals in the last three games, but MY kid blah blah blah... I wanted to say, "Hey, MY kid can blow snot bubbles bigger than her face!" but for some reason, it felt inappropriate.

I took 951 pictures in just under four hours, so I feel kind of badass. These are some of my favorites, which of course I assed around with, because I can't resist Photoshop widgets.

Right after the above shot, the red kid elbowed the kid to his left in the face, and there was much blowing of whistles and threatening remarks from the other players. I got scared and went to buy some nachos at the snack bar.

These guys were incredibly fast. I couldn't keep up, and went back to my nachos.

Lest you think I only photograph the boys, here are some girls. And they were even faster than the boys, let me tell you. What they lacked in physical mass, they more than made up for in speed, slick maneuvering, and general toughness. It was like ballet, only a whole lot less pink and foofoo. As in, the only pink was from the smears of blood after they kicked some major ass.

And here, finally, is what I really had fun doing today:

Weddingarama, here I come...


  1. OMG it was that cold, and the bride was in a STRAPLESS DRESS?

    I guess she had luv to keep her warm?

    Or am I missing something?

  2. Oh no, it was THAT COLD, and she didn't even bring a coat. She was one hardcore bride, she was.

  3. Those are great photos! I can't believe I lived with you for years and never knew what a talent you have.