Art from other people

Do you love this? Do you not just LOVE IT? I don't know why, but this print by Niki Kelce just speaks to me. Clearly it's the uber-pregnant chick with the sailor tattoos, which I am a) not and b) not in possession thereof. But it delights me all the same.

So! We're back! The wedding was out of control, as most things that involve my family can be. I remember most of it as a big blur, punctuated by my flash and several memory card dumps into my laptop. I took about 950 pictures, with 600 or so being usable, so I'm currently in post-production mode... the final step of my wedding present to my uncle and new aunt is an Asukabook, custom-designed by yours truly and coated in some shiny crap and SWEET LORD does it look FANCY! I can't wait to get it back from the printers - it's also going to be my sample book, so I'm stoked.

And yep, I have another wedding tomorrow, at the Tucker House in Raleigh. Have I ever been there? Noo. Do I have any idea how to navigate Raleigh? Noo. But am I excited? Oh my yes. God, I love this job.


  1. You have such a sexy life, you know that? Here I am, sitting in my little trailer compound, surrounding by cursing men and dreaming of when I can just quit and either throw pottery or build furniture for the rest of my life so I can be as crafty as you.