First time "bass" and "romantic" have appeared in conjunction on this website.

Sunday's wedding was good. Really good, actually. I went outside my comfort zone in a big way, and learned that sometimes that's just what you need to succeed. (And now that little "The More You Know" star will shoot across your screen. Really! Just watch!)

Nah, seriously, I'm happy with how my work turned out, this one in particular. Bass Lake is a lovely location for a wedding - the wind and completely unexpected and unforecast chilliness moved the ceremony inside, but whatchagonnado... we did the portraits on the deck, and it was lovely.

So now I prep for my uncle's wedding in Daytona Beach, which is on St. Patrick's Day - we're leaving the Tuesday before, so I'll have plenty of time to test lighting, shove my lens in everyone's face 4000 times, etc. I think it's kind of funny, what with mon oncle being 50-something... we're partying in Daytona during high spring break season, baby! He's so excited about it, though, that I can't really laugh about it without feeling like a jerk. And besides, it's Norah's first trip to Florida, and we MIGHT be able to pull off a trip to see Mitty and Mannie Mouts, don't you know. It's going to be fabulous.


  1. ...or ever!