Chipmunkface and Birdlegs Boy!

As promised, here we are on Biltmore Segways - and apparently, my hair is so frightened by the ride that it's hidden entirely under my helmet. That was probably wise, in retrospect, although I will say that I got much better at driving by the end of the tour. Did try to kill several people first, though. Priorities.

Update: there has been some concern about where Nonos was during this episode. I guess you can't see her in that little backpack we strapped her into, huh? Gosh, that thing was tiny! No, I'm kidding. My parents were also in Asheville, and took her on the gardens tour while we were toodling around trying to stay upright. Norah got to smell flowers, squeeze a snapdragon so its "face" opened up, and generally make my mom giddy with grandparently glee. DO YOU FEEL BETTER NOW, NOSYPANTS? You know who you are. And you know I love you for loving my kid.


  1. Um, Annie? Where was your child during this adventure?