Madness takes its toll (please have exact change)

I saw that on a bumper sticker today and it made me snort some diet coke - but it was nowhere near as awesome as the fact that MEAT LOAF is on Dancing with the Stars. Oh sweet Jesus.

So how cute are these guys, huh? They're from my Sunday engagement session at Pullen Park (which, to my local friends with kids, I highly recommend on any day but Sunday, especially a sunny and fabulous Sunday, because if you go on that day you will be eaten by other people's children. Thousands of them.) Sunday's session was just one of a series of appointments over the last week or so - it's crazy, yes, but it's a good crazy.

Rob, you will be pleased to know, made it to the charity auction with several cans of corn, green beans, and Bush's vegetarian baked beans (because I refuse to buy the kind with bacon. Canned bacon, that's just wrong.)

Today's ridiculous conversation with four-year-olds is brought to you by the letter EWWW:

Kid: Annie, are you eating that watermelon?
Me: Um, yes. Is that bad?
Kid: No. Well, not all the way bad.
Me: Why is it some bad [because that makes complete sense!]?
Kid: Because it is mine.
Me: Is your name on it?
Kid: Noo...
Me: Then... why is it just for you?
Kid: Because when I licked out all the seeds, Mommy said that it was ALLLLL MIIIIINE.

Oh God. I love children.


  1. I'm beginnig to believe it's all true, and actually, I'm just out of change.

  2. I needed that laugh this morning. Thanks!