After weeks of not posting, I'm in serious red-alert blog-world mode. Either I'm thinking, "Oh foo, that would be totally hilarious to write about, and Jee-ZUSS, you know people want to hear about that thing again!" Or I'm obsessively clickin' through my blogroll and looking to see who's updated. Why don't you guys update three or four times a day, like Perez Hilton? How hard is it? I mean, COME ON, slackers, I needs me some news.

I think the big problem is that I've been at this computer more or less all day, working on designing wedding albums for my many bridies. (I want to hate this, because they totally aren't paying me enough... but they're all so cute and dewy-eyed and excited, and you can't hate that. It would be like hating a puppy.) Here I go, inviting trouble, but what do you guys think of these? They're covers, so imagine that you've taken the books, opened them all the way up, and done what your librarians told you never to do: dared to lay them down, thereby cracking the spine and reserving your seat at Satan's left hand.

I'm not a very funky designer, but then again, I don't know all that much about design software. I can Photoshop a picture until it's damn near ready to hang in the Met, but creating something big and colorful and multi-part makes my palms itch. Ideas? Comments (and oh God, be gentle. I've been doing this all day, and anything too intense is likely to make me weep)?

Oh, also: that gray rectangle is where the Asukabook barcode goes. It's not up to me, unfortunately.

Oh, also also: the photos on the back of the blue cover are from their engagement session. And really, none of the photos are permanent - final cuts will be up to the bride and groom, so I'm just crossing my fingers and going with whatever.


  1. Hey girlfriend! I'm so impressed with your layouts. I'm with you...hand me photoshop and my totally rad actions and I can go to town on a photo...but layout takes SOOOO long. I bought one design from Jamie Schultz Designs it was it was super easy to use. I used WHCC for my printing but I know she uses Ashuka. I would just pick up a few templates and make your life so much easier.

    Now that I'm keeping up three blogs I'm lucky if I post to each one a few times a week. Sorry for not giving you more internet goodness! I'll try harder. :-)

  2. I'm restraining from pseudonymously blogging (but not blog reading) at work. So that's my excuse.

    I really like the black cover. The blue cover is cool too, but I think I'd rather see just wedding photos on my wedding book cover. But that's just me. You are the goodness of teh cool.

  3. as a major font snob, i don't like that script. what is that, Ajile or something? you may want something a little less girly-girl, since its not JUST for the bride in the long run. but i like the styling of the blue one better, there's less stuff going on, but maybe not in blue. black looks slick.

    that's my 2 cents worth of fake designer advice.