How embarrassing

... that's how I used to work it, too.

So no more weddings until October... yaay for breaks, boo for less money. (At least I have those sweet books to keep me busy, huh? Huh? God, I'm sick of looking at those things.) I get to attend one and not be part of the hired help - my Jackass cousin is gettin' hitched in Georgia at the end of the month, and I'm all starry-eyed excited about that one. Imagine the after-party.

But for now, I'm finishing up my post-processing and going to bed. We had to basically hogtie Norah to get her to eat a single bite of dinner, which did not end well, so I'm exhausted. Anyone who can make vegetables taste like ice cream is asked to call me QUICK BEFORE SOMEONE DIES.


  1. i am SO crashing that wedding. for real, i never get to go to any weddings. i designed the flowers for one AND went to the bachelorette party this past weekend and i didn't get to go. i'm going to have to start taking drastic measures.

  2. Hey now, I called dibs on crashing that wedding! :) Mostly because, er, I miss my steamy homeland! Yeah! Okay, seriously? I want to see all the funny crap those guys do. Annie, you are hereby obliged to tell us every intimate detail! Unless they make you sign a release or something.