Days until Christmas! Did you notice that November passed pretty quickly this year, and December has been more or less nonexistant? I'm not entirely happy about this (see previous post about lack of time and funds to buy presents) but then again, it's not so bad. We have, after all, scampered right through baby's first cold, baby's first non-scheduled trip to the pediatrician, and baby's discovery of her own bodily functions. Do NOT ask, because wild monkeys with pitchforks couldn't drag THAT experience out of me again.

However, life is still pretty funny, and I'm using my last two minutes to tell you guys that I hope you're managing your holidays, whatever they may be, with the sense of humor I think you need to struggle through. Wait in line, listen to one more person bitch out an innocent sales clerk (and then tell that clerk you love them), watch newscasters tell us what wretched shape we're in... and remember that underneath it all, things are pretty darn good. Smooch.