Merry everything

I saw that in a card at Target the other day, and it pretty much summed up how I feel about the whole Christmas-Hanukah-Kwanzaa-holiday-whatever debate. Everybody just have a merry everything, and cover all your bases.

So! The big day has come and gone, and Miss Thang is up to her tiny eyeballs in tiny goodies (and we haven't even been to Philadelphia yet). The best part for her was certainly the ribbon, which she ripped off all the packages and wrapped around her neck! (Can you hear the internet's collective jaw smashing into the floor?) Seriously, though, this kid does have a ribbon fetish. I hope this easily-entertained phase lasts a while.

For me, the best part was definitely waking up, putting her in bed with me, and watching the Today show with a wee space heater curled up on my chest. Rob was on call Christmas eve, and being alone wasn't all that fun. But the sweet smell of her head made waking up easier, and her sweet warm softness made staying awake totally worth it.

Now finish hurling and straighten up. There ya go.

Merry everything, internet - I hope your holiday, whatever it was, was as great as ours. We're headed to Hilton Head in the morning, so if this is the only post this week, don't be surprised. It's Christmas vacation, after all. :)