Girls who like toys

How cool is this thingie right here?? I learned about Frappr from Miss Zoot, and was instantly fascinated by the thought of bazillions of people putting their little virtual stickypins on my group map. (I know there aren't that many of you, especially since I dumped the old blog a couple of months ago and didn't give out the new address, but humor me here.)

So go add yourself! The four of you who actually read this, anyway.

I went Christmas shopping today and ended up only buying a velour "sleep 'n play," also known as a jumpsuit, for Norah, who already has about eleven velour jumpsuits, but I couldn't stop myself. It has sheep dancing on the front, and it came with a rattle shaped like one of the sheep's heads. And this is how you know the outfit itself was really REALLY CUTE, because the sheep's head reminded me of the horse's head in the Godfather, and there is just something wrong with baby gear that makes one think of the mob.

I also went shopping at Whole Foods today, where I learned that I could happily spend every dollar I'll ever see in my life on really expensive organic hippie food and baby products. And it would be SO WORTH IT. I don't especially like a lot of that stuff - tofu feels a little too much like snot to me - but the beauty of the meat department was completely overwhelming, and I cried, right next to the tofurkey and the Soy Garden spread. The baby aisle is packed with things like $14 lotion (which I bought because it smelled like rain) and an amazingly broad selection of slings (which I did not buy, since I have two already, but all you out there who will eventually have babies? Guess what you're getting.) Me and Whole Foods, we're like this.