Heavy on the photos, light on the content

We're back. It was a trip. That is all I'm going to say, unless you email me and specifically request stories, in which case you are taking your eyes into your own hands and I cannot vouch for their health after reading such madness.

So! Have a peekie at Norah's six-monthers!
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The smaller page, #4, has the two best ones on it. The tutu one is obviously a rocker, even though I thought it would be a little too gaglicious, and that last one with the hat! What IS that face? I love it.

Anyway, going to make dinner and pretend to be awake. Hope you guys had a great week!


  1. beautiful pictures! I'm glad Rob made it into this set. Your sister is awesome for giving you this present.

  2. Yeah, the usual setup is that Mama's in the first set, Daddy's in the second, and we're both in the third. (We had to pay a little extra for both of us in this one, but I was having a decent hair day and it was SO worth it.) My sister is the best!

  3. If you guys haven't had a chance to meet this precious child, I will assure you that Annie actually holds back. I'm glad that everyone gets to see her red hair. She's going to be a man-eater when she grows up. Thanks for the visit, Annie! Jeff, JTB and I will drive down when it gets warmer so Jake and Foo can go swimming.

  4. LOVE the pictures! More more!