Duh-dum. Duh-duh-duh-dum.

Yeah, that was the Jaws theme song. Really.

Norah's got two whole teeth! Both of them are on the bottom, and she spends most of the day looking like a little barracuda, flicking her tongue over the sharp edges and pondering what part of my face would be the juiciest. It seems like she hasn't really been bothered by them, although we've had a few cranky evenings, but I attribute that to paint fumes.

Because Rob's painted the cabinets! They were heinous old oakish things with dirty potmetal hinges and no knobs, and now they are shiny white with nickel hinges and remarkably knobby knobs. Our house is sort of cavelike, and having bright cabinets makes a TON of difference. I no longer want to hibernate instead of cook, for one thing.

I'm sorry I've been a lousy blogger lately (as pointed out to me earlier by someone who deserves better. :) Obviously I survived my days with the three wild monkeys, but the weekend was still hectic with the painting and the biting and all.

So for those of you who are just DYING to know (shut up, you know you are), my lust object from last week is going to be an April purchase, if I've done my math and budgeting right and can count on those who said they'll get me gift certificates for my birthday. I have a new plan that will hopefully mean I don't have to be a nanny for the rest of my life, and it involves THIS. For the first time, I'm actually excited about an employment opportunity - I'm considering a job that I don't have to take because we need the money, and that I got to choose instead of being desperate and jumping at it like a hungry trout. I shall be a baby photographer! And I shall love it!

Quit your laughing, you. I will. You watch.


  1. Tell Ro-bear I think he is turning metrosexual. I know he picked out the cabinet hardware. For those of you who haven't visited NC, almost everything that could be is brushed nickel. It looks fantastic, but I love it that it was Rob that insisted that everything match like that. Even the toothbrush holder in the bathroom. Snaps for Rob.

  2. You should totally be a baby photographer. My sister in law is doing just that with her 20D and I've managed a few shoots with my 10D even. And now, I'm setting a a total pro-lab right in my very own house where I'll be doing all her digital retouching, design work (like converting a photo to say, watercolors), and printing (including canvas). Aren't jobs we choose so we can be "SAHM" the best?!!!

  3. So this has nothing to do with your post (except that rock ON for following your bliss!), but everytime I check to see if you've updated, I see the How-Old-Pantswearer-Is Worm at the top of the page, and I think HOLY SHIT--she's how old?!