Bode go bye-bye

Yes, he was just that side of snotty, but I still have a major crush on Bode Miller. I just wish he'd been a little friendlier to Tom Brokaw. How can you sass TOM BROKAW? Oh well. Now that his skiing career is pfft, maybe he can just come here and give me massages while I instruct him in niceness.

We're watching the closing ceremony, or at least we thought we were - it is, in fact, the last few minutes of the 50k cross-country ski race. All those little skiers bobbing up and down at the starting line were a hoot - they reminded me of the really fast level of Whack-a-Mole. This is why I will probably never be asked to sportscast for NBC.

I'm kind of sad that the Olympics are over. I'm ready to return to my regularly scheduled programming and all, but I liked the whole meeting-of-the-world thing we had going. I agree with whoever it was that said that the US team was scandalously un-teamlike, though. It's like Johnny Weir was the only one telling the truth: each athlete seemed to be looking for his or her own glory, and they were each there to represent themselves. I was a little ashamed. But there were some sweeties in there - now that it's all over, I'm waiting for Joey Cheek to come home (he's from here) so I can fix him up with my sister.

I am not sad, however, to lose the commercial where the SUVs honk the Olympic march. Now every time I hear that song in my head, it's being played on a Chevy Armada or whatever that thing is. GOD, is that annoying.

The ceremony rolls, and the Italian skier is getting the gold from his sister. Let the waterworks commence...