Oh, the funny

Yeah, so I don't usually delve into the uber-serious around here, but this is freaking hilarious (in reference to this Linda Hirshman article that got the internet's panties in a twist a while ago - this link is a PDF because the article was printed in the NYT and I refuse to play nicely with the NYT because they make you register):

"One gets the impression that, when describing a woman who declined to be interviewed because she was baking pies with her daughters, Linda is mere seconds away from puking bile. First you're baking pies, then you're cooking a pot roast, and the next thing you know, John Q. Patriarchy and all of his poker buddies are pinching your ass while you scrub the Roasting Pan of Submission.

I wish this woman could get a glimpse of my life. Not ONLY am I underemployed, but I wash my husband's underdrawers with neither protest nor careful examination of gender roles (I prefer to use Tide). Oh, and I change 90% of the diapers, too. And fold them into origami shapes when I'm done (The Sailboat... of Poop. The Crane... of Poop). And, apart from when The Lotus Blossom... of Poop bursts open all over the beige carpet, I'M HAPPY. The mere thought of it is enough to make Linda's head explode like Andrea Dworkin's at a Vivid Video shoot."


* Please note that I am not necessarily responding to the Hirshman article - some things just don't rile me that much - just pointing out a damn hilarious fellow mamablogita. We ain't havin' no debates up in here.