Things I am not:




Shot by Dick Cheney (OH MY GOD did you laugh?)

Things I am:

Mother of a sick baby, who has now been sick for almost two weeks, and yet the pediatrician says it's just a cold. I'll give her "just a cold" at 3 a.m. when the screaming won't end and my dearly beloved Valentine of a husband says, "Hey, I have to work tomorrow, will you go get her?"


Owner of a scandalously good new haircut, thanks to the Aveda Institute in Chapel Hill. Beauty school haircuts rock - they're closely supervised by well-trained teachers, not to mention the fact that the student doing the cutting reeeeally wants to pass, so each hair is cut individually and treated with the attention and love of a transplanted kidney. Also, it's an Aveda thing, so there are aromatherapy massages and mini-facials included with each hair service. And it was $17! Talk about a bright spot in the weeks of snot and hacking.

Cleaning machine who has managed to reorganize an entire house, mostly because the kitchen got ripped to pieces while someone was working on the cabinets. I just didn't want to put 427 pounds of junk we didn't use back in the nice sparkly whiteness of the cabinets, so I sorted and trashed and then went clinically insane and did the rest of the house too. Should anyone need 14 extension cords (I am so not kidding) I know where you can find them.

Really, really, tired. But I'm back, so don't worry - ain't nobody shot around here except my sleep schedule.


  1. OHMYG YOU'RE ALIVE! Is v. reassuring. (And fortunatly, so is our government's most obvious recent victim. Apparantly, C-man is a bad shot.) -Singlegirl

  2. Well, don't feel bad about the doctor. I was on my third day of a fever and the doc-in-the-box told me I just had a viral infection and to go home. This diagnosis is also known as the 'I don't know what is wrong but I don't want to give you antibiotics' diagnosis. Probably also because they didn't believe that because of thyroid a 99 degree fever for me is like a 100 degree fever for the rest of the world. Why can't Mr. You-get-the-kid help out with the sickness diagnosis. Put that Hopkins education to work for you.