That skirt will never, EVER recover.

Holy cow, Britney Spears is a mess. A MESS. Was she unaware that she was being interviewed by Matt Lauer on national television, and therefore thought that ratty hair and gum-crackin' was somehow acceptable? My mother alert is on red-light high right now... instead of "girl is such a ho," I'm thinking, "Honey, we can just pull that down a little and pull that up a little, and spit that right here in my hand, right here, and thaaaat's better."

Confidential to someone who may or may not remember to check this, but who said "don't you dare blog about this:" Gran Turismo III is SO much funner when you play it in a swimsuit and make up new rules, and drink mucho wine-o. What a good time that was.



  1. I agree with you! Poor poor Britney. I really really wanted to give her a sweater or something so her hot-pink bra and major pregnancy boobage wouldn't be so obvious. Of course, I try to remember that she is not even 25 (I mean, what would I have worn if *GASP* I was pregnant with my SECOND child at that age).