Don't knock Knockglen

Rob's on call, so I'm watching "Circle of Friends," and realizing that Minnie Driver is remarkable, just because of her ability to put on 30 pounds and look like a perfectly normal person. She's moved way up on the List Of Female Celebrities I Might Hook Up With If I Ever Switch Teams.

God, am I bored. Even spider solitaire's lost its charm. Anyone with an interesting way to kill an evening home alone (well, you know, as alone as you get with a sleeping monkey upstairs) should comment forthwith.


  1. Girl, I'm reading blogs, doing the laundry and sitting around in a tank top and underwear (the only things that fit). So I'm not much help.

  2. a good book, SportsCenter and Ben & Jerry's Half Baked Ice Cream.

  3. I've always found a great way to find games and goof off at work, er, home.

  4. raddomly google words - I am watching circle of friends, thinking that Minnie Driver really is great, spider solitair is boring me - I mean all of this, it is quite true, that's why I was randomly googling words like Knockglen which let me to this page!