Sunday blogger

Righto. The in-laws are gone, the house has been reclaimed, and tomorrow I'm going to Indiana with Norah to get my stuff out of my parents' house. Because peace and quiet are for SISSIES.

I don't have a lot to say about the last eight days, except that no matter who you are, you do not need to visit someone for eight days. Our house is small - and by small, I mean "maybe you can squeeze in a goldfish, but no bowl, so don't even try" - and five adults and a baby do not a comfortable fit make. Fortunately we had five pleasant, non-smelly adults, and a baby who only smelled occasionally and managed to avoid saying COCK or FRUCK or anything that could be misconstrued as my attempt to teach her potty words.

Of course, it was today - after everyone left - that she decided to walk across the living room. I almost died; first she was standing at her table, and then she was clinging to my kneecaps like a little burr. With legs! That work! I'm thrilled, even though my heart bumped a little at the thought of my squishy baby being my squishy, mobile little girl.


So long, sweeties - I'll try to update on the road, but who knows. We only just got that newfangled cable internet out thattaway, y'know. Have a great week!

(MB: mule story in the near future. Promise.)


  1. Hey Girly-good job on surviving the visit. And my goodness, she is walking! Fun stuff. I know most people say it all changes when they start walking but I tell you, I LOVE this walking thing. Carrying around a 27 lb baby while growing another one is no fun! Any tips for managing the visitors? My mom and two young nieces arrive on Thursday and stay until Monday, then my sister-in-law and her three kids arrive later that same Monday and stay until Friday! Goodness.

  2. Well, all right. I can be patience.

    So, holy crap! Walking! Road trip! Ack!