Littl'un lexicon

Things that Norah says that are cute:

  • Bah-bye
  • Priddy
  • My mama
  • Daddoo
  • Gog! (you know, with the tail and the fur?)
Things that Norah says that I wish she would not say, because I know she's going to say them in front of Rob's mother while they're staying here next week, and I'll have to smile grimly and explain how my godlessness has transferred to my child:
  • Beeshes (I think this might be "kisses," but damn, does it sound like "bitches.")
  • COCK! COCK! COCK! (This is, of course, what a duck says. Duh.)
  • Fruck (We don't know. She says it while she's eating, so it's not "truck" or "frog," unless we're having Fancy French Cuisine Night, and then she says it right after "escargot," "beignet," and "croissant.")

Now THERE're some winners for the baby book.