Night shifts

Rob's working in the ER for a month, which means regularly scheduled shift work, a reasonable number of days off (at least one a week! hold me!) and very, very late nights. Weekend shifts are 12 hours, which doesn't make much sense to me - wouldn't you think the crazy people would be out in force on the weekends, thus having more drunken nailgun accidents, thus increasing the workload for the trained monkeys residents, thus inspiring the powers that are to send said residents home before they go nuts from overwork? I dunno, maybe it's just me.

But since he's gone, and since I'm inspired to wait up for him (because that's the kind of sweet thang I am, baby) I have been spending some time diddling around on the internet. What did we do before there was internet? Would I be staying up late doing something useful, like making my own soap, or canning? All's I have to say is, thank God for Al Gore.

In my travels, I have discovered these two blogs, which shall now be given prominent linkage in my list over there, which has until now been populated entirely by criminals.

  • Geese Aplenty (commentary, newsy news, and giggly stuff like this: "The big uproar in California these days is an idea by Assemblywoman Sally J. Lieber; she plans to submit a bill proposing that California become the first state to make spanking of children 3 years old and under a misdemeanor. Penalties could include child-rearing classes for offenders or one year in jail. This topic is excellent for blogging, because it allows you to use the word “spanking” repeatedly and thus boost your site in Google search results. My hope is that Lieber’s next proposal will be about building more tall monuments near the state capitol, and then I can talk about how her constituents would like to see more frequent erections.")
  • Suburban Bliss (Melissa, the Mom Behind the Latest Epidemic! of drinking at playgroup! Everybody panic! Melissa was honest about her playgroup's occasional glass of wine while the kids frolic around with their Legos in the next room... and she talked honestly about it ON THE TODAY SHOW. I would have been so overwhelmed by the bounciness of Natalie Morales' hair that I would have locked up and keeled over - forget about speaking up about something for which several people were publicly damning me to motherhood hell. What a brave, real, classy broad.
Go thee and enjoy my late night labors - I'm off to knit my own bed linens, or possibly write a novel. I still have two hours before Rob gets home, after all.