And you can't make me

Norah's picking up words like a fat kid picks up Twinkies. Her newest thing is "not gonna do that," which is almost as infuriating as "I don't like it." Either she doesn't really know what she's saying, or she DOES know, and she says it to make me insane, as in:

Me: Hey, Nonos. You wanna go play in the sandbox?
Norah: No, nooooo. Not gonna do that.
Me: Why not? You love the sandbox.
Norah [with a sly, sideways look]: I don't like it! Dirty! Messy! BYOWN! (Or, in English, "brown.")
Me [maintaining my shit and hiding frustration at her denial of an activity she loved yesterday, and feeling intense fear that she is becoming her father, who can't bear to even eat a popsicle because he gets his fingers sticky]: Well, okay, then let's go inside. I need to start dinner.
Norah: Yeah. Yes. Dinner time. NO! SEEBOX TIME! I LIKE SEEBOX! I LIKE BYOWN!

And then we go play in the seebox. OF COURSE. Here I am, in the parental twilight zone.

Otherwise: Rob finished his board exam today - apparently, you have to take three of these before they let you be a for-real doctor instead of just a charlatan with a Palm Pilot and an embroidered ice cream man coat. It was a two-day ordeal that cost us $700 - needless to say, I am glad this is over, because we have had many a difficult night doing practice tests and waking up the baby with "Oh, dammit, I don't get this OB-GYN stuff AT ALL." Good thing I didn't do that home birth, huh?


  1. Have you seen the Will Ferrell Youtube video with the 2 year old pretending to be his drunk landlord and saying dirty words? It's HYSTERICAL. You can tell her mom is just off camera saying the lines, and then Pearl (that's the kid) is just repeating them. Check it out!

  2. Have I told you that Nonos is the cutest, best-dressed child that I know? 'Cause she is.

  3. i would like to refer you and your obsessive compulsive husband to my cousin's son Charlie, who is an expert in eating popsicles without worrying about getting his fingers sticky:

    bon apetite