Life goes on, on top of my head

Today, while babysitting:

Child A (4 years old): Do you know that I like to brush your hair, Annie?
Child B (also 4): Yes, me too, I like to brush your hair too.
Me: Okay, cool. You may brush my hair. [hands Child A a brush]
Child B: I can wait my turn.
Me: Gooood. That's very good.
Child B: Because we are going to need to do this for a LONG TIME.
Me: [knowing this is going somewhere that is not going to please me] Um, why, because you like to do it?
Child A: No, because SOMEONE has to do it.

Because clearly I don't. Thank god they're teaching them something at that Montessori school.

This picture has nothing to do with the abovementioned hair incident. I actually took it days ago (note the presence of that blue shirt from my new header - and thanks for the praise, too, you guys.)Norah just looked especially sassy in it, and it made me happy. And couldn't we all use a little more happy?

Also: congratulations to my friend, who had something exciting happen, which will require some extensive travel... You know who you are, and you also know how hard it is for me to NOT blurt this news out like verbal vomit. PLEASE break the news already, would you??


  1. Yeah, if you watched America's Next Top Model the other week, Sarah would have taught you that turquoise shirt + red hair = challenge winner!

    Seriously, I hope Owen keeps his reddish hair. Norah's hair rocks. And your hair - also red. Everyone says to me: Oh! He got your red hair. Except my red hair came out of a bottle, and I don't think thats a heritable trait. Which is a bummer.