I have an ear infection. A big one. It feels like my eardrum is about to pop with the sheer ridiculousness of it - I mean, come on... what adult gets ear infections? What am I, six?

I'm starting my first Rob-prescribed round of drugs today*, and right now all I want to do is stick a knitting needle up in there, just to let the pressure out. No wonder little kids are horrible when this happens.

*Rob used to refuse to prescribe anything for anyone related to him who also has his last name, because the medical board of NC is obviously on the hunt for doctors who write legitimate prescriptions for dangerous, addictive things like antibiotics. This concept came back and bit him in the ass when he got a monster cold sore and needed Valtrex, most commonly used to treat the herp Down Below, but also a smashing cold sore remedy. He ended up writing the prescription for my mother, who just laughed with the pharmacist and said, "Wait till my husband finds out." And then she came home and threw it at him.

Ugh. Time to sit around and whine for a while.


  1. Yuck. Sorry you are feeling bad. This summer I flew when I had a cold and my ears hurt like heck. I bet that isn't anything compared to an ear infection. (Pretty funny about your mom and Rob.)

  2. I feel your pain (well not really, but figuratively). I'm in the middle of a wretched case of strep throat. When I looked it up, I found that strep throat is really only common to those between the ages of 5-15... So why on earth are you not going to the class reunion?!