1. That wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Okay, so her roots were a little greasy, her outfit wasn't as flattering as it could have been and she didn't move with any sort of purpose, but it could have been WAY worse. And Sarah Silverman is just too crass for my taste, no matter what she is talking about.

  2. Wah! It says the video is no longer available. I have been hearing about the Britney thing but have yet to see it.

    Also. I really, really wanted to like Sarah Silverman when I first heard about her. But I can't. She makes me cringe. And that usually takes a lot.

  3. I waited too long to watch it too, but you can also see it on the official MTV site
    For me though, the video was so choppy i couldn't see her dancing at all. it just looked like a series of photos.
    anyhow, the song is boring. Brian just said "Does this have any other words?"
    What happened to my girl who brought me 'Toxic'?? boo hoo.