Cheap-- I mean, carefully handmade! - baby present

Here's what I've been doing on the nights when Rob is out (when I'm not whining about Michelle Pfeiffer or how bored I am). He's on call every third night this month, which is probably good because I had time to get this done:

I did this for two reasons - one, because I needed to come up with a good baby present for Jasmine, who's having her third kidlet in a few weeks, and we're brokeish. I had all the material (Adrienne, remember, we bought it at that Joann's in Columbia to make Nono's nursery stuff?) so I just needed a few notions here and there, and ta-da, instant affordable present! And two, because people like Adrienne and MB make me all inspired to sew beautiful things like they do, and I needed to do a project that didn't involve glitter glue or kittycat stickers.

I tried to think of all the things I liked about my own diaper bag* (messenger style, elastic end pockets, flap top) and all the things I didn't (biggish, bulky) and put them in or leave them out of Jasmine's. Thanks to a somewhat modified Craftster tutorial, I got to put everything together the way I wanted it to be, and I think it came out fairly well.

Strap attachments and keyring buckle:

Inside, with a pink sweatshirt stuffed in to hold it open and show off that snazzy pocket:

I want to make more! Who else is having a baby?


  1. Makes me want to have a baby just to get a snazzy diaper bag. I've been using a free one from the formula companies. Totally lacks style (well, except frumpiness) but does the job OK. Fortunately, we can now take elisabeth on short trips without too much gear, so the bag's days are numbered.

  2. you are just too talented. it's beautiful.

  3. Who else? Two ladies in my Baltimore office! The only other one that could have one is refusing to drink the water. :)

  4. wow, thats awesome! i guess i'd better get to work :)