What every conversation sounds like at our house

Rob: Babe, are you making dinner, or should I--

Norah: Mama, would you like to read a story with me?
Me: Ub, ask Daddy. I dod't doe if I cad right dow.

(This is her new thing, "Would you like...XYZ?" Mama, would you like to make me a snack? Daddy, would you like to carry me upstairs, or would Mama like to do it? Mama, would you like to DRILL HOLES IN YOUR FACE SO THE CONGESTION CAN OH PLEASE DEAR GOD FINALLY BREAK? Yes, precious, yes I would.)

So disgustingly sick. Will return at a later date.


  1. Yes, yes, I know how you feel. I have had the flu since last Thursday. Just when you don't think there is anything else in your body. . .you're WRONG! I also have NO VOICE, which is VERY bad for me. I HATE THIS!

  2. I tried to laugh at this post, but it made my head hurt. When you are down drilling holes in your head, would you like to come down here and fix mine too?