End of an era that will not, even while intoxicated, be missed

Norah's wearing underwe*r, using the potty, the whole bit... and she is rather jubilant about the whole thing:

For a short, nostalgic, probably insane moment, I thought about how much I didn't want to do this with her, how much I wanted her to stay my dependent little babycakes. And then I thought about the smell, her poor little sensitive butt, and the diaper rash that would NOT go away, and I changed my mind quicker'n we can get those p*nties down in an emergency.

I LOVE THIS STAGE. LOVE IT. Almost as much as I love her Curious George undi*s.

(I'm putting asterisks in here to avoid pervy Googlers. You know how it goes.)


  1. Yea for my Norah! I am so proud!