In a nutshell:

I had a ripper of a sore throat all weekend, which led me to stay inside and gripe to the baby for several days. She was somewhat less than sympathetic, and recommended getting off my dead ass and feeding her piglet self 1250 times a day (I think she's in a growth spurt or something). For some reason I always thought that "feed a cold" thing applied to the sick person; apparently, I was confused.

Thanksgiving plans continue, as we realized we have less than two weeks to prep the house for 10 people. Don't get me wrong, it's going to be awesome having everyone here, but I simply cannot imagine where I'm going to find enough tonic for the insane amounts of g & t's my family puts down. Super Target, beware!

Can you tell I still feel a little schmucky? I hope the kids are good today.

Ooo, by the way - at the doctor on Friday, we learned that Miss Thing now weighs 14 pounds and is 25 inches long, and has a huge giant melon of a head. That's my girl...


  1. Huge melon of a head? HUGE MELON OF A BRAIN. Maybe she'll be able to use parts of her ginormous brain to become telepathic and levitate!