MWF seeks internet mystery man for utter devotion and worshipfulness

Dear Craig,

Your list rocks my entire universe.

A few days ago, I got a job as a nanny for a family in Chapel Hill. Aside from the facts that their house is gorgeous, they let me drive their car so that I don't have to use my gas, they asked me if I liked anything special to eat (because they would rush right out and buy it!), and they are paying me ridiculous amounts of money, their girls are cherubs beyond compare. Having Norah with me is wonderful enough; having Norah around them is going to be fabulous, particularly when she starts to talk and uses all three languages that the girls know. I shit you not.

And today, after completing a Harvard study that sister Kate found on your Boston list, I received an email that said I was selected from the survey response pool to receive $80 in Amazon money. Despite the fact that the abovementioned family is paying me the abovementioned ridiculous amounts of money, $80 at Amazon is SO DAMN HOT. At first I thought it was a scam, but Kate cashed in her $10 and it worked, and why would you scam me? YOU WOULDN'T, BECAUSE YOU ROCK LIKE THAT.

For those reasons, and because I am absolutely positive that additional incredibly awesome stuff is just waiting in the wings, I hereby renounce Dr. Rob and select you as my partner for all eternity. You and me, baby. You and me and your super-wonderful-life-affirming list.

Your new spouse

(Can you tell that it's been an ass-kicking few days? God, what a life.)


  1. I have to plan when I'm going to fly down and maybe all this good stuff is contagious. :)