Stay-at-home-mom doesn't actually mean I stay at home all that much.

SO. Someone who shall remain nameless (but who knows who she is) recently wrote about the fact that many of her internet contacts are sick. This person, who is a grad student, also questioned how stay-at-home moms, including me, managed to get sick when we "not actively teaching or in classes and actually interact with a very few people on a day to day basis."

Are you JOKING, you person out there who has obviously taken far, far too much cold medicine and is not thinking clearly? I might not be standing in front of a room full of hung-over undergrads, but I'm also not exactly a hermit down here. Believe it or not - and I know this is hard to imagine - I have developed a life, one that includes actually leaving the house and coming into contact with assorted germ-laden individuals every single day. Just because I'm not a full-time grad student doesn't mean I've permanently locked myself in the house with Ellen, Oprah, and a half-gallon of chocolate overload (as enticing as that sounds).


Anyway. I'm done.

Countdown to Thanksgiving arrivals: Kate - three days, everyone else except my dad - one week, my dad - eight days. I'm moving along fairly well, I suppose. I'm declutterizing the downstairs to prep for the new kitchen cabinets (we have to take everything out for a few days, so we better have someplace to put it all) and trying to figure out exactly where my bundt pan went so I can practice my cakery. That damned thing is never in the same place twice - while I tend to put it on the shelf with the rest of the baking-related crap, Rob prefers to hide it in this dark and remarkably inconvenient corner cabinet. Over the last few months, he's also managed to stash a cookie sheet, one of our cereal bowls, and the food processor down there. It's like we're fighting for dominance with kitchen items, and I just don't know how healthy that really is.

Must go get the Christmas cards off the dining room table - I'm almost done (!!!) but Mr. Salty McCrankyface would probably prefer to eat at an actual table tonight, instead of off his knees like we've been doing. What can I say - there's ribbon involved, I needs me some space.


  1. One more for the sick stay at home moms! I've developed some sort of nasty throat too. Ick. Based on little man's cough I'm pretty sure he has the same thing. Poor guy. Between playdates, mommy-and-me swim classes, and strollerfit I couldn't even begin to imagine which little germ carrier infected us!

  2. Actually if you read over my post carefully, this is what I said "how do you explain those of us who are not actively teaching..." It was me that I referring to as a hermit. I sit in an office all day in front of a computer and talk to my husband, my office mate, and my advisor when he's around. Where did I get that cold?

    I fully understand that you and Chica get out and about. You definitely have more fully developed social lives and bigger public-contacting errand lists than I do. Of course, you come into contact with germs. But you don't do so in an academic setting.

    Honey, this was just my sad attempt at humor. (Did you get the computer viruses joke at the end?) I meant you no insult. Please stop taking my comments/posts as such. And direct quote here "Although I WOULD like to point out that if I want to talk about such things, [it] is my blog and I CAN. Nyah.)"