We went to Smithfield yesterday, a town whose claim to fame is the Ava Gardner Museum, where I will certainly go if I find myself completely nuts. But in Smithfield, lo, there are bargains to be had! The Carolina Premium Outlets are also there, (although they did not warrant a green highway sign like ol' Ava did) and oh boy did we shop.

I even bought clothes for myself, something I don't do unless I have to be somewhere where spots on one's bosom and holes in one's jeans are generally frowned upon. The good news - and by good I mean DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION good - is that I've gone down a size even from pre-pregnancy, despite the best efforts of my mom and her endless supply of pie.* **

* My sister, in one of her endless schemes to lose weight and firm up her already invisible ass, decided we needed to buy Dance Dance Revolution, since we have a PS2. It never actually happened, but we've started referring to things as DDR good, as something that encourages asstastic exercise while playing video games must be the best thing ever.

** My mom, as I may have told you, refers to herself as the Source of All Things Good, a title that would be irritating if it weren't completely true. She's always bringing home some little piece of lovely, and lately it seems that the lovelies all end in -pie, as in "chocolate caramel" and "mocha raspberry." Like, since Christmas. The fact that I've lost weight is just a testament to how wild and crazy my nanny kids are, and how much I have to chase them.

Anyway. So shopping was great, and today we're exercising yet another outlet, in that Rob is working his creative self by painting trim in the living room, and I'm finally finishing Norah's down comforter cover. The pink fleece backing is MAGICAL, I tell you. She gets on there and rolls around, which makes her giggle until she snorts. She's also working on pulling herself up, and if she tips over onto the fleece part, she doesn't get nearly as freaked out.

Life here is good, despite the wintry mix falling from the sky. How's you?


  1. I'm really glad to hear that things are going well for you and the fam. Life here seems to consist of school, stress about school, stress about not being at school, ans stress about what happens after school. Sounds a bit like undergrad doesn't it?

  2. Yeah, well, some of us tried a little harder as undergrads than others... :) Although I hear you on the stress - and as someone who's been figuratively smacked around a few times in the past few years, I can tell you that it really does get a lot better. That stress, she's a bitch, but she packs her bags after a while.