Day 2.5: Crap.

I had a really long, great post about the meaning of life and all, and of course I left it open, and of course my clever spouse closed the window and lost it. Because he's good like that.

ANYWAY! A conversation I had last night, starring myself and the random lady behind me in line at Target:

Me: Yeah, I've been working on starting a photography biz, you know, nothing major yet.
Rando: So do you do weddings? Because we need someone to do ours, and...
Me: *blink. blink.*
Rando: I mean, do you ever photograph them?
Me: OHHHHH! THAT's what you meant!

I thought for a minute that she wanted me to be their minister or something, surely not a photographer! That's for professionals and grown-ups!

The idea of actually being a photographer is still sort of raw in my head, and when I think about it, I usually think in terms of "well, in the future, when I really DO this..." It's still hard to imagine that I could really do this RIGHT NOW, that I could start making money and actually having this job. Apparently, the rest of the world would like me to go ahead and get off my ass and start already. Good thing I slipped her a card before my brain started screaming in puerile (you like that word, don't you?) panic.

I need some advertising outlets that are cheap - who am I kidding, FREE. The brain says market, but the budget says sit down, kid, you ain't got no steenkin' money. You guys are smart cookies... any ideas?


  1. Um... Oh! I have one. I just joined
    They have a forum where one of the boards is to advertise products and services. I just looked at it, and you have to a) be advertising your own business (so I couldn't do it for you) and b) have made at least 100 posts elsewhere on the forum. So, that could take a little while. But eventually you could put something up there.
    Also, I think the website is good. If I needed a photographer, I'd google 'Durham, NC photographer' and see what came up.

  2. Very good use of vocabulary. Your Latin friend is proud of you.