Day One: on which I nearly goof ALREADY

I'm mid-Lost, and I have nothing to say, other than that if Dominic Monaghan showed up here and asked me for things that are illegal in many countries, I would ask him how to say handcuffs in Tagalog. I LOVES ME SOME HOBBIT.

Interesting things tomorrow, promise...


  1. I don't know about this whole NaBlPoMo thing (which I can't do because I am going to see the 'rents at Thx) but it will be nice to hear from you more frequently. Any bets on how often you'll change your banner in the next month? (I like it, by the way)

  2. yawn, seen it already! hehe Heidi ( is using the same template. But it is similar to the fabrics in Norah's room. Thumbs up.