Day five: On which I get a massive headache and cop out with some (mad wicked fun) internet foofooisms

I killed my Tamagotchi in junior high (because who has time to be a responsible pet owner when there are Bonnie Belle lip glosses to be sampled? Dr Pepper to be consumed? Jeans to tight-roll, for heaven's sake?) so here, for our mutual animal pleasure, is the all new, no-kill virtual pet hedgehog!

adopt your own virtual pet!

Watch, I'll kill this one too because I'll forget I gave him bloglife. His odds of survival are good, though, because you can click on More and feed him strawberries. Because of my Tamagotchi guilt, I've given him enough strawberries to make an ocean of dacquiris; ergo, the little bugger will either live forever or die feeling like an overstuffed bag of wet cement.

Astrid the hound has suddenly developed a serious limp - and by serious, I mean, she doesn't even put her foot on the ground. Aside from making snide jokes about renaming her Tripod, what the hell should I do? I'm pretty sure all signs point to Vet, but I'm almost afraid to go... if it's something horrible, I don't know if I can stand it. We're trying heating pads, dog massage (you really CAN find directions for everything on the internet) and small doses of Tylenol for a couple of days, with the understanding that if she's not better by Wednesday we'll take 'er in. I'll keep you posted.

Because I'm a limp dishrag by the time evening rolls around these days (damn you, Daylight Savings!) I am uninspired and boring in my blog posts. Therefore, I am leaving it up to you guys to decide what I blog about this week. Ask me anything* and I'll answer it, one question at a time.

*I do, however, reserve the right to either ignore you or beat the stuffin's out of you if I don't like your question. This is not a democracy, this is a blogocracy, and I am the blogtator. Woohoo!


  1. First of all, the hedgehog is so cute and it's fun to feed him strawberries. Second, please go ahead and take Foozle to the vet. It could just be something stuck in her toe. She'll be fine.

    As for the questions, here's a daring one to get us started: Have you completed the D Level Challenge? Or a tamer one: Besides the fact that it made us become superfab friends (which would stay the same regardless of your answer), would you have joined a sorority if you know what you know now?

  2. Not so much a question as a request. I think you should describe one of the places you lived in college and tell us:
    1) What was the best part?
    2) What was the funniest part?
    3) What was the most ghetto part?
    4) What was the dirtiest part?

  3. And somehow, all those places coexist in one square block in B'more! hehe