Day eight: Mommydate!

Jasmine and I are going to see Talladega Nights at the dollar theater. We are not taking our kids. We are not taking our spouses. And we might go COMPLETELY nuts and get TWO bags of Reese's Pieces.


No one asked me anything else, so I have nothing else to say except BOOYA DEMOCRACY.


  1. Okay, question time: Barring constraints such as time and money, what hobby/activity would you like to start that you haven't already done?

    In the spirit of answering questions that we ask you, I would like to take cooking classes so I can learn to chop things quickly like Rachel Ray.

  2. Currently my husband gives me every Wednesday night off as total personal time. Sometimes I go to the movies with another Mom and we have a great time (currently all of my local friends are moms). I'm not sure if that setup will change after baby number 2 arrives in just 5 weeks but for now I enjoy knowing I can make those plans once a week and not have to worry about finding a sitter.