April Fool's Day out

We spent the first day of April dodging rainclouds at Duke Gardens, one of my favorite places for pictures. (Also a great place for turning your kid loose in a giant field of grass - just beware of the rogue swans. They hiss, you know. It would be threatening, except that THEY'RE BIRDS.) Rob took this picture of me'n my baby at the duck pond, where 84,000 other families were feeding bread to the various birds; I was pleased with it, because I look like I might have thin legs, but I was horrified to see how tired and pasty I look. Time to either hit the electric beach or sleep for about three weeks in the sun, I dunno. I'd take either, cancer-causing properties notwithstanding.

I wish I had more news for you guys, but I really don't... I've got a courthouse wedding tomorrow, which should be pretty cute, really. We're headed to Fletcher Park for the pictures, so ideally we'll have flowers and yummy trees and green grass... and if not, we Photoshop! Happy April, y'all - who's got flowers at their house?


  1. What a sweet picture of the two of you! Our most recent family outings have not been pretty. Now that baby girl is becoming more reasonable we're hoping to make it out to nature one or two times before it becomes unbearably hot. Our spring flowers have come and gone (bye bye azaleas) but annuals are planned and giving us color while we wait for the crepe murtle trees to bloom!

  2. We've got jonquils, and my lilies have popped out of the ground (no blooms though). Other than that nothing except cherry blossoms.

  3. Don't dis the birds, man. They're descended from DINOSAURS. Birds are SCARY. I fear the birds.

    BUT, that picture is aDORable! And the more bread you feed the birds, the fatter they get, the yummier they taste in your belly...